Fire and Ice: Iceland Self Portraits

In May 2016, I took a journey to Iceland. Now more so than ever, Iceland has become a hot tourist destination; for photographers, this is a must-do on the bucket list. After months of taking photos for clients only, I needed Iceland to refresh my love for photography and to remember why I choose to do this. My photography journey started in 2010, through the means of a 365-day photo project. Being in love with portrait photography and with no one available everyday, I became the star of my own frames. Bare in mind, this was before the word "selfie" was coined! It was not used for vanity or likes, but as a means of expression and emotion.

Iceland was the perfect place to fall in love with that art again. I am so proud of these images. I suffered for the pixels on this blog post, facing wind, waterfalls, and weather. Passion and drive pulse in everything I do, this being no exception.

To those who gave me kind words in June when I first published this on my initial website, thank you. Thank you for growing with me, and watching my once-hobby become a true passion (especially those from my angsty-teenager days!). Thank you for seeing the "talent, drive, and inspiration" that I throw into my work (for those who I have met along the way). And for those who have yet to see this, please enjoy (and I hope to see you again!).