Carrigan & Jared | Couples Photography, Austin Texas

Carrigan and I first met in 2013, when we both were in Bali for our high school senior year spring break (yes, I just typed that - I promise it was normal in the international community growing up). We had a brief conversation, but nothing more than two people from rival high schools saying hello.

However, it wasn’t until last year that we both reconnected. Carrigan and her then-fiancé-now-husband Jared decided to move to Austin after graduating from Texas A&M. Just from social media, I could tell Carrigan and I would get along. We both loved eating healthy food, doing yoga, and could talk about ayurvedic practices without sounding crazy. Another thing we had in common, was our love of creating and photography. While I loved taking photos behind the lends, Carrigan had this natural sense of curating her feed to match her lifestyle, style, and brand. I knew we would have to take photos.

And so, we hopped in the car at 4:30 in the morning and made our way to Enchanted Rock for an early sunrise shoot. Jared slept in the back of the car, sleep deprived from the night out. The cops pulled us over for speeding along the way. We definitely missed sunrise. But creating with friends is the best, and Carrigan and Jared were the biggest troopers for sticking through the ups and downs of it all: