Jayna & Noah | Couples Photography

Jayna and I met back in 2013. She was a big high school athlete, playing all different kinds of sports. Me, not so much. However, through different circumstances, Jayna had travelled from Bangkok to Singapore for a basketball tournament. With mutual friends, we ended up talking on the bleachers of the high school gym. She was bubbly, kind, and treated me like a close friend even though it was our first conversation. 

It was in this moment we talked about how passion for photography. Two months later, we met in Manilla for an art convention. Two years later, we met again in Portland, Oregon, where Jayna invited me to her Thanksgiving dinner without hesitation. Now, two years later again, I flew up to Seattle to visit her and explore her city. 

The weekend was everything I needed. We hiked to a lake and jumped in with nothing but a maxi dress. We ate our way through Seattle's restaurants. We watched the sunset on a pebbled beach. We drank wine, sang in the car, and laughed until we cried. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jayna, for giving me the perfect weekend I needed.

So, in return for it all, I wanted to give Jayna something she could have for the rest of her life, with her love. Enjoy x