Sanetra Nere Longo | Portrait Photography - Austin, Texas (Part 2)

Portrait & Fashion Shoot with Sanetra

Anddddd, we're back! My shoot with Sanetra was too good to put all in one blog post. I've been wanting to do more soul sessions, where I test shoot and play around with ideas I've had in mind. I love these fashion shoots because this is how I got started - taking artistic photos of myself in nature! This first soul session was a success! I had my friend do makeup, I ordered a dress from Lulu's, and we were off!

As a reminder, I am looking to book new clients! If you are looking for photos, whether it is grad or just a fun session, reach out so we can confirm a date! Okay, call to action is over. Enjoy these x

Model: Sanetra Nere Longo // MUA/Assistant: Karen Li